Executive Director

Abby Boling is a multi-media artist with experience in developing arts-based programming and she has passion for collaborating with others. A current Corrales resident, she has been a horse person since childhood. She learned to ride along the Corrales bosque and in the South Valley where she grew up.

Abby has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Socially Engaged Art and a minor in Arts Management from the University of New Mexico. Upon graduation she was labeled an innovator within the arts and received the McRae Outstanding Senior Award for her honors thesis and using art to build bridges.

She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management from New Mexico State University. She has studied under the State of New Mexico's former Deputy Secretary for the Department of Tourism. After completing this first degree she became a systems and operations manager for Carlson Hotels Worldwide’s corporate team leading Radisson properties throughout the US.

Boling has also held leadership roles with non-profit organizations, as a board member, practitioner collaborating in pilot program development, a designer, chair of various committees and as a college intern. Over the years a few of the organizations she has worked with have been the Vortex Theater, Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge, Roadrunner Food Bank, Fudrr a program of Kids Cook!, Comienzos and Heading Home (previously the Metropolitan Homelessness Project).

2020 Officers

Jim Kruger, President

Dennis Chamberlain, Vice President

Michael Foris, Secretary

Jack Reynolds,Treasurer

Board Members

Sandy Rasmussen

Ann Taylor

Carla Wright

Elizabeth Volkmann

Barnali Dey

Founding Members

Jim Wright

Mariana Roumell-Gasteyer

Sayre Gerhart

Jim Kruger

Carmine DeVivi (in memorium)

Chris Fenton

Ursula Kelly

Interested in Joining the Board?

Are you passionate about the arts?  Are you looking to make genuine connections with people, artists, and others who share your passion?  Do you want to make a difference to the Village of Corrales and surrounding communities?  The Corrales Arts Center continually seeks individuals to serve as volunteers, committee members and as Board members.  The Board and our committees are active, working groups of individuals dedicated to the arts, meeting regularly to discuss ways to make arts and cultural activities accessible to all.  If you have experience in finance, education, volunteer management, special events, the arts, or fundraising, please contact us for more information.

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